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THE TALK: Robbie Keane's chance to shine



THIS is the moment Robbie Keane must have been waiting for. 

With the sad news that Jermain Defoe's ankle injury will keep him out for around six weeks, it's time for the record breaking Irish international to remind us what he has got. If we are going to play two up front, then Robbie has to be one of them. He has the experience and the enthusiasm, now he has to show the fans – who once believed he could do no wrong – that he still has an eye for goal. It's been some time since we've seen that bow and arrow celebration, but let us not forget he is the club's ninth highest ever scorer – not bad when you think of the talent we've had in his position – and is one of 15 players to have hit over 100 goals in our colours. And while we may feel frustrated at his lack of form, it was only last term that he bounced four past Burnley. He went onto hit 15 in 39: not a spectacular return but it wasn't as if he had an extended run. 

With Jermain out for a good few games, the strikers role is there for the taking. Robbie, now more than ever, we need you to step up to the plate and remind the fans why you were our blue-eyed boy for so long before the Anfield debacle.

2.39PM September 9, 2010


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