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Shocked daughter: ‘I was told to move out of council home after mum died’

Kim Rodway: ‘I was told I had four weeks to leave’

Kim Rodway: ‘I was told I had four weeks to leave’

Published: 6 January, 2017

A GRIEVING daughter has spoken of her “disgust” at being told that, following the death of her mother, she had four weeks to leave the Highbury council home she grew up in.

Kim Rodway spent an unhappy Christmas in the two-bedroom Highbury Quadrant estate flat after she was given notice to quit on December 9, days after her mother’s funeral.

Ms Rodway, who has lived there since 1977, except for a two-year spell, was told she cannot take up her mother’s tenancy because it was already passed on once by her late father in 2007, and she has officially lived there for less than a year.

“I was absolutely shocked,” she said. “Three weeks after mum’s death I went to the council to tell them [of her death] and I was told I had four weeks to leave. 

“I had visions of me sitting on the street with all my stuff.

“I can’t believe that the council could treat me like this. It is disgusting, especially over Christmas. I’ve not had any time to grieve because my life is in complete upheaval.” 

Ms Rodway bought her own place in Essex in 2014 but on the day she completed the purchase her mother suffered a fall and broke her hip. 

This led her to sell up and move back into the flat with her mother, who suffered from dementia, to become her sole carer. Having previously worked as a gym instructor, she is unemployed and will soon stop receiving a carer’s allowance. 

She added: “I thought I would be able to stay and get a one-bedroom flat somewhere and have time to move out, but to be given four weeks? The whole thing has made me depressed, very stressed and struggling to sleep.”

“The council said I may be offered temporary accommodation or go private. I’m not happy about either option. If I could afford anything private it would only be for a short time. 

“But I want to be in this area. All my friends and social life are here.”

Islington Council said no decision has been made in respect of Ms Rodway’s request for a tenancy.

A Town Hall spokesman said: “Our thoughts are with the family of our late tenant at this very sad time. We’re waiting for more information in support of Ms Rodway’s request for a tenancy, and no final decision has been made.

“We take carer arrangements into consideration, although there is no right to succeed as the tenancy has already changed hands once.”

If the council launches possession proceedings of the flat in the county court, it would still take several months before an eviction date is set.



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