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THEATRE: Boris: World King at Trafalgar Studios 2

David Benson in Boris: World King.

David Benson in Boris: World King.

Published: 29 April, 2016

BORIS Johnson does not want to be Prime Minister, so is appearing nightly at the Trafalgar Studios in Whitehall the nearest he’ll ever get to No 10? Let’s hope so on the strength of Tom Crawshaw’s rip-roaring political satire, which pillories the blond bombshell from the land of posh toffs and puts him in his place – as a clown on a music hall stage.

From the moment Boris trundles in on his Boris-bike muttering and grumbling, you know you are in for a night of howlers, foul-ups and buffoonery typical of the Whitehall farces this theatre was famed for. 

Insulting the audience for “dressing down” and the theatre for being a West End fleapit, he chats up pretty women in the front rows but is steered away from total disaster by his able assistant Helen (Alice McCarthy), a perfect foil to his oafishness. 

Huge lights proclaim BORIS as if we are likely to forget and these act as a kind of Greek chorus as they flare, splutter and dim in tandem with his ups and downs. 

David Benson in a neon yellow mop-top mimics his mannerisms to perfection, especially his fruity, throaty growl, and captures his latent nasty side in a show that should run and run. An absolute hoot. Oh cripes!

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