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GROOVES: Wrestling star Chris Jericho on getting to grips with rock 'n' roll

Chris Jericho (centre) and the rest of Fozzy

Chris Jericho (centre) and the rest of Fozzy

Published: 29 November, 2012

AS an internationally renowned WWE wrestler, all-round entertainer and lead singer in metal band Fozzy, you may think Chris Jericho takes most of his knocks in and around the wrestling arena.

Not so, says Jericho, speaking to Grooves from Tampa, Florida, on his way to pick up his son.

To him, being in Fozzy is much more hazardous.

“Rock and roll is a dangerous game,” he said, reeling off a list of injuries that appear to have eclipsed any knocks he’s taken in the wrestling ring. One time I was running towards the end of the stage, I stepped right through it and messed up my knee. You never know what you’re going to get.”
Although, it seems, Fozzy’s audience, the traditional metal fan, has evolved from forming the potentially aggressive mosh-pit into a more sophisticated equally effective mass display of appreciation.

Jericho said: “Over the last while it’s more circle pits, which is where they all run round and round in a circle.”

He said there is one particular song from latest album Sin and Bones which is guaranteed to inspire the circle-pit phenomenon.

Jericho, who was due to take on his fans’ questions at The Garage on Sunday for their “Rock Stars Say The Funniest Things” series, will appear with Fozzy at the Electric Ballroom on December 5.

Staff at Chalk Farm’s branch of Nando’s should be on alert – they may well be responsible for providing the entertainer’s pre-gig fuel.
Jericho said: “I love to have my Nando’s before the show. I will be indulging for sure.”

But fans hoping to catch a glimpse of him offstage should prepare to be disappointed, as it looks as if one of Jericho’s minions will be tasked with fetching his all-important chicken feast.

“I won’t be going, I’ll send my roadie,” he said. “Maybe they [readers] will bring me free Nando’s.”

For those who don’t know, Jericho has spent 22 years in the spotlight and entertainment is in his blood. From being crowned six-time WWE champion to penning two New York Times bestselling books, to tripping the light fantastic on US show Dancing with the Stars – he’s a master at making a business out of entertaining.

He said: “You want to make sure people are having fun. Showbusiness is showbusiness and a live crowd is a live crowd. You get into it, you need to be able to commit. Reaction is the most important thing.”

Jericho was recently reported to have left WWE but when asked if this is a permanent move, he remained non-commit­tal: “I really have no plans, everything’s based on Fozzy’s timetable.”

He said he’s looking forward to playing the Electric Ballroom and feels at home in Camden where Fozzy’s legions of fans will know to find them. “It’s a lovely, busy area,” said Jericho.

“It’s a great place for a rock and roll venue, there’s a lot of action. We’ve been coming to London since 2004. We’ve always had great shows – The Garage, The Underworld and coming to the Electric Ballroom – we really enjoy the UK.

“The UK fans have embraced us. We’re honoured that we can continue. Our fans love to have a great time, and they expect that. As the lead singer of Fozzy, it’s my job to be the party host – the more energy you get from the crowd – you feed off it.”

• SOIL + Fozzy + Breed 77 + Never Means Maybe play the Electric Ballroom on December 5. Fozzy’s fifth album Sin and Bones is out now.


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