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Six-day ordeal of fall victim pensioner trapped in her Holloway flat

Published: 17 June, 2016

A PENSIONER trapped in her flat after a fall survived for six days by drinking defrosted water from her fridge.

The woman, who lives alone in a flat in Holloway, could not get up after falling on her kitchen floor. 

The 79-year-old huddled against the oven for warmth and managed to open the fridge to melt water from the freezer box.

A neighbour only realised something was wrong six days later when banging was heard coming from the flat. Police officers then forced entry and found the pensioner on the floor.

The woman had “slipped through the net”, according to police. She has no family, was not on the radar of social services and did not have a GP.

The Tribune has chosen not to name the woman amid concerns for her safety.

Islington police officer Jo Morris said she and her colleagues were upset by the way the woman had been living.

“She was struggling for money and had very little in her flat,” she said. “She only had one change of clothes, little bedding and no home comforts. 

“The ambulance crew and officers were upset by the way she was living – we had never seen anyone in such a sad state. She was worried about bills she couldn’t afford.”

PC Morris was so moved by the woman’s plight that she sent out an email to Islington officers to raise funds to help her out.

“We managed to raise a good amount of money and get loads of donations, including bedding, cushions, blankets, bed clothes, slippers, food, cleaning items and a new TV to replace a hired once she had been paying for since 1994,” PC Morris said.

“She now gets visits from carers multiple times a day and is a lot happier. It was a good result in the end.”

Islington Council health and wellbeing chief Councillor Janet Burgess said: “We are providing care and support for this resident, and are very grateful to everyone who has helped her.

“We are always sorry to hear about these sorts of situations, and work hard to try and stop this happening. 

“We encourage people to contact us if they feel they might need help or support, or have concerns about friends or neighbours. Our access and advice team can be contacted on 020 7527 2299.”



I read about this in today's

I read about this in today's i, 23.06.16.

I just wanted to pass on to PC Morris and all of her colleagues
my deepest admiration for job that they do.

This just highlights the multi-various tasks that our police service are asked to attend and individuals always going beyond the call of duty.

How to donate?

I'm moved by this lady's story, how can I donate?

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