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Solved: Highbury Fields UFO mystery that baffled the tabloids

Left, UFO image online. Right, a remote- controlled helicopter

Left, UFO image online. Right, a remote- controlled helicopter

Published: 2 May, 2014

NATIONAL newspapers were excited this week over claims that visitors from outer space had been spotted over Highbury Fields.

Even though the UFO images posted online were by an anonymous blogger – and none too conclusive – they were nevertheless plastered all over The Sun and Mirror, as well as internet sites such as the Huffington Post.

The Tribune, however, believes the mystery of the “flying saucer” has a down-to-earth explanation – it was probably a child’s balloon or possibly a remote-controlled helicopter hovering over Shoreditch.

After it was spotted by an unnamed photographer “floating” towards Highbury and Islington, a series of photos were posted to the Facebook page Mixtris UFO Images on Monday afternoon.

The images were claimed to be a collection of stills from a video the photographer vowed to put up on YouTube the following day, though no such footage had been uploaded at the time of going to press yesterday (Thurs).

Just a few weeks ago a similar-looking object hovering over Shoreditch was captured on camera by a Tribune reporter but it turned out to be a remote-controlled helicopter.

Other theories advanced include the suggestion that the Highbury UFO was a helium-balloon in the shape of a shark.

The picture of the Highbury UFO was captioned: “I captured this object a couple of streets away from where I live.

"The object appeared black in colour and was rotating as it moved along. I captured nearly five minutes of video before I lost sight of it floating in the direction of Highbury and Islington. I’m not sure what this object is. I thought it was a balloon, but there appears to be a light on it...

“I guesstimate the object to be half a mile away and possibly 500-1,000ft high.”

A spokesman for the Royal Astronomical Society said: “The pictures are best described as unconvincing. Looking at them I think they depict a child’s balloon, just possibly a remote-controlled helicopter or, less likely, a kite.

“A common difficulty is estimating the size and distance of objects but, even with the figures given, a balloon would easily reach that altitude.

"It looks the right shape to be consistent with that suggestion. Strictly speak­­ing, these are images of an ‘unidentified flying object’ in that we can’t be completely sure what it is, but there’s no reason whatsoever to believe this has an extra-terrestrial origin.”

What do you think it is? Flying saucer, helicopter or inflatable shark? Tweet at @IslingtonTrib




Strange object in sky over River Thames Westminster Bridge! near Parliament Square, London - 21/08/2014 @ 7.30am

I witness this exactly similar object (Mixtris.ufo. images) over Westminster, London Area last Thursday 21/08/2014 at 7.30am morning from where I rode to work on a bicycle everyday. I stopped at the traffic lights while I looked up a beautiful blue in the sky. Suddenly I saw an object appeared dark brown black in colour and was rotating as it moved along slowly around back and forth and stop in second then so fast passed over city. Unfortunately I didn't bring my cinema. I watched less 5 minutes. It is about 500-1000 feet high. I'm not sure what this object is. I know It was not helicopter or ballon kite in the London city area. I thought it was probably a spy drone, but there appears to be a light on it. Before I rode further down bridge and stopped again then I looked back there disappeared in the direction.


Probably? Possibly?

Video of UFO spotted over Hackney 2 weeks earlier

Here is a video of a UFO spotted over Hackney and filmed by a friend of mine on the 16th of April 2014, two weeks before the Highbury Fields UFO.

Any ideas what this could be?


Photography Drones have become quite popular lately, particularly among serious amateur photogs, also has anybody thought asking if anybody out there is following on the steps of Amazon's drone delivery trials?

View enlarged image of London UFO

That does not match the alleged remote- controlled helicopter

View agpcuk LabTech enlarged UFO photo with almost nil pixilation. View image @

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