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Owners of ‘nuisance dogs’ could face £80 fines

WESTMINSTER Council has stepped up its war on “nuisance dogs” by introducing no-go zones in two problem neighbourhoods.

Estate to get new security gates

A HARROW Road estate plagued by vandalism is to be equipped with fortress-style security gates.

Festive funds Calendar raises trips cash

Soho Parish School pupils Catia Catres, Kenny Harris and Iris Watson with their

CHILDREN at Soho Parish School have created a giant advent calendar they hope will help them to raise money for school trips to the countryside.

Up your street! Traffic boost for shops

The traffic-free day

IT’S Oxford Street as you’ve never seen it before.

Police action ‘disrupts’ vice trade

POLICE have begun an operation to crackdown on prostitutes’ calling cards in phone boxes.

Blacked-up student party ‘racist’

Partying LSE students dressed as Guantanamo Bay prisoners with some of them “bla

Students who dressed up as prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and “blacked-up” their faces for a Christmas party have been accused of racism.

Bid for £100 fines to curb the rogue cyclists

Rogue cyclists who flout the law while riding through central London are set to be fined by the council under plans to crackdown on so-called “Lycra-louts”.

Probe into ‘targets’ on parking

Parking supremo: Kevin Goad

City Hall to investigate department after our ticketing revelations

THE West End Extra’s revelations about unrest in Westminster’s parking department and concerns that wardens are given targets for the number of tickets they issue has helped fuel an unprecedented inve

‘Go to hell!’ Peace carols under fire

Zionist Federation and Council for Christians and Jews outside the church

Protests against church service opposing Israeli policy towards Palestine

THE rector of a West End church was warned he would “go to hell” in a series of hate emails sent in the build-up to a controversial carol singing concert.

Murdered man was involved in drugs scam Old Bailey jury told

A MAN was found bludgeoned to death in his Holloway flat after agreeing to take part in a drugs scam, an Old Bailey jury has heard.

Councillor’s plan for Tube’s hot air

A DISUSED Underground station is the key to keeping Islington’s renewable energy plans on track, according to one councillor.

Mariola helps the homeless get fighting fit

Hostel gym instructor lived on streets

Mariola Garcia-Fraile opens the Marylebone Project gym

A HOMELESS woman has become a successful fitness instructor after the Marylebone hostel she lived in built its own gym.

Labour’s Blur star in lift plunge drama

Parliamentary candidate pays tribute to rescue hero

David Rowntree outside the lift with Vernon Hunte, the Labour candidate for St J

It’s the stuff of nightmares: you’re trapped in a dank lift, it’s dark, air is running thin and then creak, creak, creak, you plunge…

The Xtra Diary

Amy Tyler: ‘I try to recycle as much as possible and I used the items we recycle

Amy puts art into recycling

THE side of a bin van might not be your first choice for hanging your artwork, but tell that to eco-dauber Amy Tyler.

St Christopher's Place Christmas shopping - Unknown village turns ‘destination’ sensation

Christmas lights shine in St Christopher’s Place

The ‘hovel’ area that once had taxi drivers stumped is now a cosy corner of the West End in which cafes, restaurants and boutiques abound, writes Jamie Welham

HOW things have changed.

Health news - Being allergy aware could save your life

Kirsten Greenwood with Jo Swinson, Lib Dem MP for East Dunbartonshire

With the season for snacking just around the corner, allergy sufferers must be extra vigilant.

FROM brandy-soaked puddings to bread sauce, the festive feast is all about tucking into some tasty treats and a bit of experimental cooking.
But what’s that lurking in your stuffing?

John Gulliver - Marjorie: roll on the next century

Marjorie Vennell celebrates her century

Marjorie: roll on the next century

MARJORIE Vennell’s amazing life of 100 years spans the history of Gospel Oak, because that’s where she has lived all her life.

Plans for Highgate mansion rejected

Witanhurst House

Future of Witanhurst House unclear as Town Hall dismisses owners’ planning application

THE future of the second biggest private home in London was thrown in to doubt on Thursday night when the Town Hall’s planning committee dismissed an application for a massive building project at High