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BBC journalist Robert Peston backs scheme that urges parents to send kids to secondary state schools

MP Jeremy Corbyn with Newsnight presenter Madeleine Holt.

MP Jeremy Corbyn with Newsnight presenter Madeleine Holt, who set up Meet the Parents.

Published: 22 November, 2013

AN innovative scheme to encourage parents to send children to state secondary schools has won the backing of BBC economics editor Robert Peston and Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Earlier this month the Tribune reported how the Meet the Parents scheme – set up by former Newsnight presenter Madeleine Holt – allows parents with children at secondary schools to talk about their experiences with parents of primary school children thinking of going private.

After reading about the scheme in the Tribune Mr Corbyn met Ms Holt to lend his support.

“Meet the Parents is a fantastic idea,” he said. “Education is about growing up with children from all communities. And that is the huge role of comprehensive education in creating real social cohesion.”

Mr Peston, whose children went to comprehensive school, said: “Meet the Parents is a brilliant initiative, which should help applicants to state secondary schools feel more confident.”


Putting my kids through

Putting my kids through secondary state education was the most stressful thing for both my husband and myself during our active parenting years. If I had had my time again I would have taught both at home and worked on a worthwhile social life for them both.

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