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Don’t swim in canal, warns waterways charity

Published: 2 August, 2013

IT might look tempting on a hot day but a leading waterway watchdog appealed to people not to swim in the canal at the Angel.

The Canal & River Trust say that according to figures each year an average of 35 young children drown in the country’s inland waterways and coastal waters.

“We’ve had lots of reports of people swimming in canals and rivers across London,” said spokeswoman Fran Read.

“Canals and rivers are great places to be on a summer’s day and we want people to visit them and have a good time. 

“We don’t want to be party poopers but it’s important people know that there are risks – the canals can conceal a lot of hidden debris and weed which can trap people underwater or injure them if they jump in.

“People are putting themselves at risk of waterborne illnesses such as Weil’s disease; there can be strong currents, particularly around locks and weirs; and in deeper water it can be very cold.”

The Trust is recruiting education volunteers nationwide to work with the Trust to deliver this important role to ensure children stay safe by the water and enjoy the wonders of the waterways in a safe way.

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