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Cyclist dies after collision with bus in Holloway Road; car driver arrested



A CYCLIST has died after a collision with a bus in Holloway Road this afternoon. Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident near the junction with Jackson Road just after 1pm. The 25 year-old died at the scene.

Investigators said initial reports suggested the cyclist had collided with an open car door prior to hitting a single decker bus. The driver of that car, an Audi, was arrested and is in police custody tonight. A post-mortem is expected to take place on Monday. Next of kin have been informed.

* Police officers from the Road Death Investigation Unit at Alperton want witnesses to call 0208 998 5319. They want to speak to passengers who were on the 153 bus involved in the collision.


Far too many stupid car

Far too many stupid car drivers out there without a brain in their head. Everyone should be made to ride around London for some awareness. Car doors opening up is the largest cause of cycling accidents in London. I hope they make an example of this guy. Btw I was at the accident on my bike and it was bloody terrible to see.

Bus collision

I collided with a car door recently while cycling down a residential street, I was flung into the path of an oncoming car and was lucky that it swerved to avoid me.

I now cycle defensively far out from cars but then have to deal with idiots passing by too close.

Whatever drivers think of cyclists they should remember that cyclists are much more vulnerable than them and any wrong move can result in death.

An unnecessary waste of a young mans life due to careless actions.

Total ban ridiculous


Total ban ridiculous

Yes drivers having to pull onto the one side of the road just to let out the passenger side and then turn around to let everyone else makes perfect sense. That is the dumbest thing I have heard for a while and that is saying something...

It's a wake-up call to cyclists, too

I tore the door off a car on Holloway Road a few years ago when I collided into it on my bicycle. The driver opened it so quickly and suddenly I had no chance to swerve. My 12 stone and the bicycle hit the door at speed, tearing it off its hinges, and destroying my bike in the process. Thankfully I just had a few cuts and bruises and didn't end up under the wheels of a bus like this poor man.

However, since then I've always kept my distance from parked cars. Just like it says in the Highway Code: always cycle 1m from parked cars. Cyclists, don't be intimidated. Take the lane, take the space you need. Don't be forced into the gutter or up against the parked cars. It's your legal right to be on the road. Stay safe.


I understand you are obviously upset, but 'a total ban on motorists opening their doors out into the road' really is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard.

If you park your car on the left hand side of the road (i.e. the side you are driving), your driver door is on the side of the road. Do you expect all car drivers to start clambering over to their passenger side in case there is a freak accident???

How about looking in your wing mirror before opening your door. Which is common sense, and would be just as effective.

Banning? hmmmm

Aren't the rules that YOU as the driver are responsible for checking your mirrors before opening a door? Someone has failed to do this check and as a direct result of their negligence somebody is DEAD.
If it were your child, your loved one, your best mate I bet your response would be different.

ban on doors opening into the road

i agree 100%...

opening car doors onto the road should be banned.. !!

There should be a total ban

There should be a total ban on motorists opening their doors out into the road, they should only be able to open them on the pavement side.
If this law was in place a 25 year old man would be still here.

Total ban?

I am sorry for the loss of life of any person in an accident, however, how can you ban drivers from opening car doors? How do they exit? May I kindly remind you that the cycle route is usually on the inside lane, second, it is illegal and usually impossible to park facing traffic so that the driver can exit onto a pavement. Please, just put resonable comments of condolences not silly statements!

bus collision

my heart goes out to the family of the young man, such a sad loss, we should also spare a thought for the driver of the bus and how he must be heart goes out to you too.

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