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Leisure displeasure

Letter to the Editor

• In the week that the learner pool has eventually come back into service at Camden’s flagship Swiss Cottage leisure centre, we have now endured a frustrating week of cold showers in the upstairs male changing rooms.
Quite how there seems to be hot water flowing without any difficulty from the taps in the adjoining hand basins and no one has been able to divert this supply to the showers does trouble me.
What is also unacceptable is a complete lack of information from the centre – no notices up explaining what is being done, apologising, or giving an estimate of how long we will have to put up with this problem. The management seem content to leave it to the changing-room attendants to bear the brunt of customers dissatisfaction.
There has also been a leak at the top of the main stairs and this has been “fixed” for the last week or so with a bucket catching the drips.
As well as the accusations that the centre was not built
“fit for purpose”, I now question whether the centre is being managed competently as the maintenance service provided seems absolutely lacking.
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