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LETTERS: Wanted: donors for Tribune’s marvellous hamper appeal

Published: 27 January, 2017

• I AM honoured to have been one of the 30 or so non-corporate donors to the Christmas Hamper Appeal listed in the Tribune recently. Each year that number seems about the same.

However, is it actually the fact that only such a small amount of people donated or do more people contribute in a manner such that you don’t have their names to publish?

You do a really marvellous thing in running the appeal and I was very moved by the lovely letter in the paper from a beneficiary of the appeal.

Islington has so many in need but it is also home to the affluent. I don’t imagine there is a flat or house in my road alone that could not spare £10 for the appeal and they all 

get the newspaper delivered through their door in the same way I do. Shame on them, I suppose.

The Tribune is a very good read!

Address supplied

Editor’s note: A few readers gave donations anonymously.






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