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LETTERS: My long detour round side roads just to get to my garage

Published: 20 January, 2017

• AS Councillor Claudia Webbe is behaving like Mystic Meg (Archway mystery solved, January 13), would it be possible for her to look into her crystal ball and let me and others know on this estate in Archway “how are we to get to Archway Road and St John’s Way from Macdonald Road now that there is a no-right-turn from Macdonald Road?” I have to take a serious detour around the side roads to get to the garage I rent from Islington Council.

The concept of reversing the one-way system in Vorley Road/Macdonald Road was a badly-thought-out idea due to the build-up of traffic having to use Vorley Road/Macdonald Road coming across from St John’s Way because you can no longer turn left up to the Archway Road.

I witnessed a funeral procession coming from St John’s Way and not being able to turn left to go up the Archway Road due to it being horses and carriage. They then had to come across Junction Road and turn right into Vorley Road/

Macdonald Road and then break the road traffic law by turning right to go up the Archway Road.

Cyclists are also breaking the law, if there is one for them? By cycling the wrong way down Macdonald Road against the traffic they are putting their lives in danger by meeting vehicles coming the other way on the blind corners of Vorley/Macdonald roads.

I would suggest that Cllr Webbe stand at the bottom of Archway Road to see how many cyclists break the law and almost run the pedestrians over by jumping the lights. And, yes, I am one of those nasty drivers who solely want to get in and out of my garage and get to Archway Road and St John’s Way to go about my normal business.

I have emailed Transport for London and Green councillor Caroline Russell. Neither has given me the decency of a reply. Is this democracy at work?

Girdlestone Estate, N19



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