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LETTERS: Money wasted as council tax goes up

Published: 27 January, 2017

• ISLINGTON Council is putting up council tax by five per cent, and says this is so it doesn’t have to reduce frontline services (if it did reduce more, there would be none left).

However, today I have received through the post, not hand-delivered but with postage paid, a letter informing me, and Popham 1 estate, that there will be changes to refuse and recycling collection days.

The letter tells us our refuse collection day is changing to Friday – it has been Friday for the 24 years I have lived on the estate. It also states there is no change to the recycling collection day.

What a pointless waste of time, effort and money to send out letters to estates that will have no changes. Don’t the council databases show when collections are made?

But the council obviously has loads of our money to spare when the Christmas lights in Essex Road were still working on January 18, before they were taken down on January 19.

Perhaps the council might like to say how much the letter posting cost in total and how much it cost to run the Christmas lights for two weeks AFTER TWELFTH NIGHT?

Popham 1 estate




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