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LETTERS: Islington is spending millions building new council homes

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The Hussain family outside their new council home at King Henry’s Walk, off Ball

The Hussain family outside their new council home at King Henry’s Walk, off Balls Pond Road, with councillors Diarmaid Ward and Richard Watts 

Published: 13 January, 2016

• ISLINGTON faces a dire shortage of affordable housing, and Islington Council is investing millions to build new council homes (Homes: the class divide, January 6). This is the biggest council house-building scheme in Islington for a generation and we’re committed to building 500 council homes between 2015 and 2019, as well as supporting the creation of new housing association homes.

 Across the borough, work is under way on a huge range of new-build schemes, large and small. At some sites the new council homes are nearly finished, on others spades are just going into the ground, and other projects are still in the planning stage.

 On every site, we are building as many new council homes as possible. Some of our schemes have 100 per cent council homes, but on some sites we need some homes for private sale to help pay for the overall new homes programme, and to pay for the new council homes.    

We always keep the number of private sale homes to a minimum and build the social rented homes first. We’re building hundreds of new council homes which will make a huge difference to people in serious housing need across the borough.

Labour executive member for housing and development



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