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LETTERS: Hail to Trump, the tinpot chief

Published: 20 January, 2017

• AS I write, the stark results of a Trump victory in the American presidential election are becoming manifest in agonising detail. This will certainly be no vintage year. 

Hillary Clinton had an air of machine politics about her, a demi-mondaine of the Wash­ington establishment and power elite. 

But she represented gravitas and solidarity in relation to international politics, while Trump was a tinpot candidate, expressing the views of the tunnel-visioned, blue-collar caucus. 

His remarks on Latinos and government and welfare are those of a psychopathic dictator in a banana republic. His references to minorities and racial groups, government admin­istration and world trade, military and diplomatic alliances, combined with disdain for the Third World and support for dictatorial regimes like those of Putin, are shud­d­ering in the extreme.  

Remember how Hitler deployed the democratic machine of the Weimar Republic to establish his own unimpeachable despotism. 

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