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LETTERS: Archway is undergoing real change

Published: 13 January, 2017

• I’D like a chance to explain what the Archway Delivery Board is (Mystery of Archway Delivery Board, December 16). Archway is undergoing unprecedented change. Our plans will see much-needed social housing built in Vorley Road, a new public square in place of the outdated gyratory and improvements to Archway Park.

The ideas and insights of people who live and work in Archway are key to this change. Past public consultations have been issued by Transport for London and the council. I have chaired workshops with members of the community. I look forward to seeing many of these residents again, next week, when we discuss how we can, together, make the new square an exciting and attractive place, through a series of events and other ways. 

A number of groups and organisations – including Islington Council – are tasked with making these plans a reality. In part we do this through a number of internal processes, one of which is the council’s internal Archway Delivery Board, which enables councillors to coordinate action to ensure that issues residents and businesses raise at, for example, councillors’ surgeries are acted on, when possible, or properly passed on to the right organisation, like TfL.

 As a result of what we’ve heard at these meetings, the council is challenging TfL to extend bus routes to Whittington Hospital. We’re developing and consulting on plans to make the areas by Vorley Road Children’s Centre and the new Pauntley Street bus stand greener, with more plants and trees. 

Archway is undergoing real change. And this can’t happen without some disruption. However, with new homes, more social housing, a better park and a brand new square to be enjoyed by all, I believe that Archway will be an even better place than it is already.

I’d like to thank all those who’ve taken the time to let us know their ideas and for their patience as work continues. 

Labour executive member for environment and transport


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