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LETTERS: Turning our canal into a green space for everybody

Published: 12 September, 2014

• LAST week’s Islington Tribune gave details of the recent meeting between the chief executives of the Canal & River Trust and the London Borough of Islington (Towpath clean-up on way at ‘lawless’ canal, September 5).

Everyone involved recognises how important the canal is to the Borough – a valuable green space where people can get away from it all.

The Angel Festival at the weekend shows what an asset the canal is to Islington – thousands of people were out enjoying the canal at its best.  

This shows that the canal is a much-loved part of Islington that people will venture onto.

On this well-used section of canal, the children at Hanover School have adopted part of the towpath and have created a stunning community garden – it serves as a fantastic example of what can be achieved for all of us to aspire to.

Discussions are indeed underway for the borough to collect rubbish from the towpath and empty the litter bins and we are hopeful that we can agree a workable and affordable solution to keep the towpath clean.

Regarding cycling, the Trust has been working with Transport for London to make the canal a better place for all towpath users.  

Our work with TfL and across the country suggests that physical “chicanes” aren’t always the best option to slow down the few cyclists who go too fast as they can hinder other users;  however we’ve agreed to explore this further with the borough’s team.  

We all agree that part of the solution is to provide alternative cycling routes away from the busiest and narrowest sections of the towpath so that the canal is a place for those who want to slow down and enjoy a quieter pace of life.

We look forward to working in partnership with all those who value and appreciate the canal to ensure it is a space that everyone can enjoy.

Canal & River Trust
Waterway manager


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