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LETTERS: Regent’s Canal towpath is a great asset, so please respect it

Published: 5 September, 2014

• WELL done to Christian Wolmar for reminding us that we should all respect each other’s rights and vulnerabilities on the towpath (We must all share our canal towpath, August 29). 

The towpath serves as one of our greatest assets as an escape from the busy streets – and the waterways are often described as London’s Greatest Park – but it can also be a magnet for anti-social activities and behaviour. 

Aggressive cycling is just one example of this, but there are other issues such as litter, noise, overcrowding and vandalism that spoil things for everybody and that can deter others from sharing or enjoying  the space.

If anybody wants to discuss their experiences or help to improve things then please come to our public meeting at the London Canal Museum at 7pm  on Wednesday or visit our stall at Angel Canal Festival, near Danbury Street, on Sunday afternoon.

Chair, Friends of Regent’s Canal



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