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Let us walk by lakeside

Published: 8 February, 2013

• THE linear park along City Road Canal Basin, Islington’s largest ‘lake’, has been delayed 13 years but residents were barred yet again for the last two weekends when a gate to a large landscaped space was not unlocked.

Groveworld Ltd, which has made millions out of property development in Islington, is responsible for the gate. Its head office is 40 yards away under the 74 Angel Waterside flats facing the basin. It is not the first time the gate has been found closed. Groveworld seems unable to meet the terms of what is called a Section 106 agreement that was necessary to secure planning consent for Angel Waterside.

The agreement requires there be public access to what is termed the “garden area open space” in perpetuity, according to a letter to me in 2009 from Islington Council’s Section 106 officer.

There is no planning permission for the gate to be there at all. Groveworld needs to be told to remove the gate. Residents like myself should not have to check continually that the gate is open.

The last two weekends are not the first time that Groveworld’s previous assurances that the gate would be opened have been honoured in the breach after a few weeks.

The linear park is stymied by three other gates. Two are Islington Council’s and can be moved. The other is the National Grid’s and it is understood to be favourable to its removal. As spring is approaching the council needs to get a move on after 13 years, so residents can enjoy a lakeside walk at long last.

Dufferin Street, EC1


City Road Canal Basin gate

To whom it may concern,

I am somewhat perplexed at the continual admonishing that the operatives of the above area receive. Contrary to what some may believe they operate the area to the benefit of all genuine users of the area - both public and residential alike.
If it was not due to their continual efforts to keep the area free from loutish behavior, which has included the ripping up of planting, drug dealing, drug taking, people using the area as a public toilet, drunken abuse, dog fouling, stone throwing, bike thefts etc, then the likelihood is that we would not wish to use the area at all !
They take it upon themselves to ensure that the area is a nice place to visit even to the point of displaying the managers telephone number should there ever be any issues.
We should be thanking them for there active approach rather than admonishing them. They are friends of the area to and are very open to being approached should any clarification be needed or any complaints / comments wish to be made.
Lets give appreciation where appreciation is due.

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