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Feature - Opel: Specs and the city

Published: 26 November, 2012

London is a city that oozes coolness and fun. It’s populated by a rich spectrum of people, it offers a wide variety of jobs, and there are plenty of fun things to do. But what is the coolest car to drive around the city?

As one of the biggest and most congested cities in the world, London can be a driving challenge. Londoners look to the small vehicle segment to help deal with the cramped conditions on the city’s roads. Considering the heavy traffic and congestion in London, compact Opel cars offer a way to tackle the tight city streets, while also scoring highly on the fun front.

From the Corsa to more recent models, Opel has been a safe and economic choice for some time now, providing affordable sporty models to help fashion-conscious Londoners get from A to B without compromising their public image.

So what about the specs? Well, the Agila, rebadged as Vauxhall in the UK, is an example of the lightweight, compact model that London city drivers value. What’s more, it’s not only compact, but has a spacious interior with lots of storage and offers comfort for the driver and passengers. If all seats are in use, the boot isn’t large, but this shouldn’t really be a problem when travelling in the city if your journeys tend to be limited to short trips between work, home and school.

There’s a choice between a 1.0-litre three-cylinder and 1.2-litre engines for this model. The steering is also light, with a zippy and fun feel. Running costs like insurance, servicing, fuel and road tax are reassuringly low in this segment and will be welcome when measured against other London prices!

The Adam is also a diminutive model to help the Londoner get from place to place and into restricted parking spaces easily. It features five-speed manual transmission and three choices of petrol engine that delivers 69, 86, or 99 horsepower. Other features include stop/start, ESP, Hill Start Assist, and airbags and the prices are, thankfully, on the low side.

With the future in mind, Opel is working on a new battery-powered two-seater model. It’s only in its concept stage right now, but the car could develop into the newest zero-emission car for the city. Opel offers Londoners a cool and stylish driving experience with comfort, economy, and style in mind; the specs are great for the city driving.


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