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Bakery neighbours fight late-night drinks on Upper Street

Published: 13 January, 2017

NEIGHBOURS of an Islington artisan bakery are pleading with the Town Hall not to grant an alcohol licence.

Council papers show homeowners feel Upper Street is already crammed with venues selling booze, without gluten-free bakery Beyond Bread adding another.

“It appears that a cumulate effect is happening in the area of increased noise, pollution and the threat and effects of crime. Late-night licences will only add to the problem and increase the number of people coming to the area, making it more unsafe, louder and more polluted,” said one of nine objectors to Islington Council.

“Only two weeks ago I witnessed a full-on brawl outside the flat where a man was seen barging a police officer and getting arrested in the process.”

Upper Street is in one of the borough’s cumulative impact areas, which have been identified as having a high concentration of licensed premises. Applications in such areas are likely to be refused unless the applicants can show they will not contribute to crime, disorder and associated nuisance.

“Within the last year, both the shops Seftons and Budgens have suffered front windows being smashed,” another resident said.

“I am not suggesting that Beyond Bread will be a hub for crime, but I cannot see that increasing the number of places which offer alcohol late into the night can improve the situation.”

Applicant Elena Golubovich has set out how the bakery will comply with council policies.

Councillors on the licensing sub-committee will make a decision on Tuesday.


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